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Do It Yourself

Make Your Own SoyWallet

NOTE: Making a SoyWallet is much easier than this guide makes it seem. It would be a lot easier to buy a SoyWallet, unfold it, and just trace the design. There, I warned you.

Table of Contents

Equipment & Materials

Step 0: Drink a Half Gallon of Soymilk!

Soymilk is Better for Your Health

Soymilk is much better for your health than cows' milk. Cows' milk is filled with saturated fat, cholesterol, hormones, and bone-damaging animal protein. (Not to mention all the pus in milk.) Soymilk has 0g cholesterol, 0g saturated fat, more omega-3's than cows' milk, and plenty of calcium. Dairy has been linked to acne, increased risk of cancer, chronic fatigue, and obesity.

Milk is Cruel

Every cow in the dairy industry is forced to give birth every single year in order to keep her producing milk. Those calves are ripped from their mothers at birth and sold to the veal industry. They're shackled in wooden crates for the entirety of their short, miserable lives. These calves are tortured, killed, cut up, and then their corpses are turned into veal to be fed to rich people. Yuck!

So give Soymilk a shot. It's tasty! And maybe it'll make you feel healthier. It'll definitely make some cows feel better. :)

Anyway, on to the guide...

Step 1: Clean Out the Soymilk Carton

This is important: Be sure to rinse out the Soymilk carton right after you finish drinking it.

If not cleaned properly, old Soymilk cartons can smell pretty nasty...

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